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Module version: 1.2.0
PrestaShop compatible: 1.6, 1.7

This module allows you changing default PrestaShop Order Reference format.


You can choose one of the following generation format:

  • Default PrestaShop – If You want to restore to default
  • Number-Day-Month-Year [incrementing number within a day] – Useful if You want to count the number of orders within a day and include it in the reference
  • Number-Month-Year [incrementing number within a month] – Useful if You want to count the number of orders within a month and include it in the reference
  • Number-Year [incrementing number within a year] – Useful if You want to count the number of orders within a year and include it in the reference
  • Random number – If You want numbers instead letters
  • Incrementing number – If You want incrementing numbers instead letters


Remember that new choice won’t affect existing orders. It will take effect right after save for all new orders.


v 1.2.0

  • Removed override of PaymentModule.php and all logic now is located in hook actionValidateOrder
  • Separator is now only “-” (for compatibility reasons)
  • Code refactor
  • Compatibility with 1.7

v 1.1.0

  • New generation method: Number-Day-Month-Year
  • Fixed error occuring when reference was too long (by increasing this field length to 26)
  • Removed required * symbol from separator (as it’s not required, just recommended)
  • Removed error modal in module configuration page

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