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If you have an instance (copy) of your shop in test environment and want to crypt all personal data of your customers without losing orders and shop statistics – keep reading.

Before any changes you should consider database backup first. Please note that you will lose customers data permanently. You won’t be able to recover it back. Please make sure you are doing it on the correct database. I do not take any responsibility for presumable inconveniences or bugs which may occur after those modifications.

I’ve listed a few reasons why this task is useful:
– If any data leak would occur, you can be safe because personal data will be encrypted
3rd party users (like developers or testers) won’t gain access to sensitive data
GDPR. Your test environment will most likely be closed for users. That’s why they are losing permission “to be forgotten” and to remove all their data.

This queries are meant to work with default PrestaShop database structure. You should also check by yourself if your phpMyAdmin has additional tables containing customers data.

Copy and paste following queries in your phpMyAdmin:

If you are using Block reviews module:

If you are using Product comments module:

As I wrote earlier, make sure there are no additional tables with customers data.

Thanks for reading.

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