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1. General
1.1. Any module made by PrestaCraft is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. By downloading and installing a module you agree to use it at your own risk.
1.2. PrestaCraft do not take responsibility for presumable inconveniences or bugs which may occur after any module installation.
1.3. PrestaCraft can change this licence content anytime, without notifying users.

2. What you can
2.1. You can use PrestaCraft modules in any number of PrestaShop instances you want to.
2.2. Donate. It is always highly appreciated. Paypal link is located in the footer or in the module configuration page.

3. What you can’t
3.1. Sell any PrestaCraft module.
3.2. Host any PrestaCraft module at your server and share download URL. The only approved way to download modules is by PrestaCraft module page and PrestaShop forum official topics.
3.3. Edit/remove copyright infos.
3.4. Claim any PrestaCraft module as yours.
3.5. Change the code by yourself. If you want to open a pull request, go to the