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Please like our page on Facebook to get notifications about new tutorials :)


PrestaCraft on Facebook

Please like our page on Facebook to get notifications about new tutorials :)


The project has started back in 2015. I've decided to build something like portfolio focused on PrestaShop. And I thought running a website with tutorials would be a good idea.

I work as developer who cares about PrestaShop project mostly, so this website is updated during my free time only - which (depending on circumstances) may be limited. This isn't a company and it has not any "team" behind the scenes. It is managed by one person only.

Some people may remember that at first PrestaCraft had tutorials only. The biggest success was (and still is!) tutorial about adding new fields to the registration form. This was unexpected, but thanks to Your feedback I was very motivated to do something more. So I've decided to release first free module called "custom popup notification". This module was gaining positive feedback rapidly, so this was a sign that releasing modules could be a next, big thing.

Here story continues. Next free tutorials and modules are available as the time goes on. I find modules more useful for most users (you don't have to edit files manually and know the code) and they are cool to write. That's the reason there will be more modules and less tutorials in the future.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on my website as you may find here new (I hope useful) content.


Why should I use this CMS?

No costs

It's completely free.

Open Source

Project is avaialable for everyone, so many people may help develop better code.

Big module base

In PrestaShop Addons, forums and dedicated websites you can find paid or free modules and find one matching your needs.

Large community

If you check PrestaShop forum or GitHub you will find there many users and posts. Community is alive and it's growing.

Frequent updates

PS team releases updates quite often, so your store is gaining more functions and is safer.

Friendly admin interface

The sections of admin panel are intuitive and clean.

PrestaCraft Q&A

Questions and Answers

Why is it free?

I've used many useful, great open source projects and libraries during my web development. People are giving those wonderful things for free and I've decided I will do so with my knowledge by sharing tutorials and modules with you.

How often do you release modules/tutorials?

To be honest - I don't know. It depends on my free time amount, ideas and creative inspiration. I am not doing any goals like "2 tutorials per month". For me quality is more important than quantity.

How can I support you?

Any good word or constructive criticism is nice for me. I am also highly appreciating donations, but they are completely optional. They help to cover hosting and domain costs. I don't have any profit from running this website.

Which PrestaShop versions are supported?

I'm trying to make all my modules compatible with PS 1.6 and 1.7. Sorry, but older versions like 1.5 will never be supported.

Can I ask you for help with your module?

Sure. I will try to answer and solve your issue. However please keep in mind that my support is not mandatory. The best way of letting me know about issue is making a post in official PS forum.

How do you see PS future?

It's not only my opinion, but I must admit 1.7 version was not the greatest idea. There are some reasons behind that but I think PS team hear the voice of community. That's why I hope late 1.7 versions or core 1.8 would be much better.