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PrestaShop search engine does its job quite well. But it is missing one thing – the category filter.

You may think: “Yeah, but we have wide range of different filters on the category page”. And it is true, indeed. However it’s good for user experience and it’s also good practice to have it (especially if you run a big store).

So, if you want to make your search engine better, keep reading!

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There are many systems and applications containing common security feature, which asks the user for a new password after X days have passed. It’s usually used to increase security of users and their accounts.

What if we would like to do the same thing in PrestaShop BackOffice login screen? Keep reading.

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I’ve read a lot of posts (old and new) about extending PrestaShop’s registration form by adding a new field. As far as I know some people had several problems with implementing it.

Today I’m going to show you how to implement it correctly for normal and required field (so you can choose one or both, depending on your needs).

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